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The “Universe” is 13.7 billion years old – IF NOT MORE – we do NOT know, we can only “approximate” and, well, guess, really…because we do NOT even know – FOR CERTAIN – how things “came to be”.

Assuming that “human life” is the “only relevant life” is silly. Really. Like really really silly.

WE only know about THIS place – this planet – THIS life that we have come to understand as “human life”.

The “energy” that WE are – that is at the “core” of our “awareness” – is ancient – as old as the source…BUT, that being said, WE can only understand things from the framework of understanding BASED ON HUMAN LIFE…as we CANNOT understand nor perceive of anything different – AS WE ARE TRAPPED IN THIS FRAME OF REFERENCE…make sense?

The “Universe” is huge. More huge than you can imagine. 92 billion light years in “diameter” – if even the term “diameter” is applicable. It’s old. VERY old. WE can kind of figure out that it’s around 13.7 billion years old. BILLION. That’s quite a huge number in and of itself. You THINK you can perceive it, but you honestly cannot. Seriously.

Simple logic would dictate that “rebirth” has happened far more than what we can comprehend…what were we before being human? And before that? And before that? And before that? And what will we be AFTER the human species has long gone? And then after that?

And as well – what we THINK we belief does not reflect what truly IS. We THINK we can perceive “reality” – but do we? Are we actually able to? CAN we? Who knows. We’re still “children”, really…we’re still in “early stages of growth” – and, as science proves – and “spirituality” hints – we’ve a long way to go…LONG way to go…

Something to ponder…to mentally masticate…quite interesting, really…might be a bit of a mind boggler for some, but for others – ahhh…(Think outside the box!)

I wish you peace and blessings!


If there is rebirth according to Buddhism, why were there no rebirths before human evolution?


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